Canine problem prevention

Prevention is always the better option to cure, and in canine care there are several ways to help your dog:

Conformation and build

Many breeds have been selectively bred for certain disciplines over the years, so when choosing your sport with your dog in mind, try to choose something that they are built for, therefore not predisposing the animal to undue strain.


This is very useful for increasing circulation and maintaining healthy muscle.


Warm up, interval training, cool down and a regular variety in training will help to develop strength in the spine, and even muscle build up, allowing the dog to cope with demands that we place on them.


You need control over your dog, and restraining aids are very useful, if used in a sympathetic way. However many training aids create lots of problems, especially if they are not used in the correct way, or simply not fitted correctly. This can create pressure points, joint restrictions, and subsequent compensations throughout the body.


Always keep your dog’s nails clipped, as long nails can lift the toes off the floor, altering the foot balance, and after a short time compensation points appear throughout the dogs body. For the sake of a decent pair of nail clippers, you can save your dog unnecessary suffering, and save yourself unnecessary bills.