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Welcome to Chiropractic Care for Animals

Emma Fretwell is a human chiropractor, who also treats dogs, small animals and other pets. She is registered with IVCA and a Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractors Animal Faculty, specialising in a combination of human and animal based skills, primarily assessing back pain, lameness, and other pain management issues in the quadruped. Emma can cover all your specific canine manipulation, rehabilitation and performance needs.

Canine sports and injury therapy

Worldwide, manipulation for animals is already a strongly established specialist form of treatment, and it is growing rapidly. Many animal owners have found dramatic proof of the efficacy of this combination of science and healing art which helps the body restore itself to proper health without the use of drugs or surgery. In this country the main animals that are presented for treatment are horses and dogs. However, Emma is only treating dogs and small animals at present. Fiona - Emma's colleague has taken over her Equine practice - Ring her direct on 07590037565.

Canine sports and injury therapy

Chiropractic care for animals draws on a background of veterinary medicine and human chiropractic to create a health care system, which, while it has some ties to both professions, it is unique. Pioneers of this profession took the technique and functional theories from the human chiropractic profession and merged these with the science and tradition of the veterinary profession. Chiropractic care is a holistic approach to many of the health and performance problems of the quadruped, but should not be considered as primary care for your animal, as chiropractic does not replace traditional veterinary medicine and surgery, but rather provides a complimentary method of care. Chiropractic adjustments have proven to be invaluable in detecting and treating gait abnormalities and other performance problems in the animal. It has also been proven to alleviate pain in the back and neck.

Many of the leading veterinary and chiropractic professionals have chosen this path, and are now world leaders in the complimentary and alternative veterinary medicine today (CAVM). This new and dynamic approach to complimentary animal health care has lead to the explosion of the popularity over the last two decades.

There are many people out there who are claiming skills and knowledge about this, who are unqualified and uninsured. Please, if you would like to use a chiropractor for your animal’s health regime, check on the practitioner’s qualifications, association memberships and insurance details before you use them. This is of paramount importance to know whether the person you are employing to help your animal is of reasonable standards. Also check with your vet to see who they would recommend, or if they are happy that a certain person is going to look at your animals, rather than being dismissive about the approval/referral.

All registered chiropractors have to, by law, consult or have permission from your veterinarian to treat your animal. This is in line with the Veterinary Act. This is in place to protect your animal, and is in order to maintain the highest-level of care possible for the animal.

Many local vets have given general permission for myself to treat animals under their care, however, depending on your location, I would like to contact your vet before the animal is seen. Many practitioners require that you notify your vet prior to consultation, and this will be made clear when the appointment is made. Many charlatans do not require veterinary permission prior to treatment, beware of these as they are practicing illegally and unethically.

The same principles apply to physiotherapists and osteopaths that treat animals. We are all required by law to carry our insurance documentation, and gain prior permission from the consulting vet. I am based at Evesham, Worcestershire, and I treat various animals throughout the Midlands and South West, please telephone for availability. Dogs will generally come to the practice – at Emerald Chiropractic in Evesham, PetRehab in Dursley Gloucestershire, Therapaws in Bracknell, Dog Central near Weston Super Mare, and Wellington, Taunton.

Please call to discuss your requirements on 01386 443999

Opening times

Monday & Alternate Tuesdays 9am — 8pm

Thursday, 8.30am — 5pm

Friday 9am — 1pm


£40 per dog

Prices for other types of animals are available on request.

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